Sunday, 8 July 2018

TV Crime - In The Gutter

  Hopefully TV Crime don't mind me uploading their songs to Youtube so I can share them with you guys on here. I seem to have done it a few times now (I did wait a couple of days to see if they'd do it themselves but my enthusiasm has overridden my patience so today they're once again the subject of my gushing praise).

  Hopefully you know by now that they're a garage punk band from Nottingham, the line up features S Henchman, J Guilty, L Mosslad and P Franklyn and they're one of the best British bands around at the moment (actually scrub the word British from that last sentence, they're one of the best bands around, period).
  You can get more info on their Facebook page but basically they've a short European tour lined up later in the summer (dates in the photo at the top of this update) and then they'll be releasing their debut lp (definitely looking forward to that!).

  To tide us over whilst we eagerly await the album, they've released a new song, you can find it here :  It'll be getting a play, along with a bunch of other great new releases, on the Just Some Punk Songs show later today :

  Damn, they're good!  Spread the word and get them heard. This is In The Gutter...

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