Monday, 30 July 2018

Arch Rivals - Black and Blue


  The song I'm featuring today was one of several that were kindly sent to me last week from various bands in order for me to play on the Just Some Punk Songs show ahead of their upcoming releases. That show is now available on Mixcloud and is well worth an hour of your time :

  I've no doubt that this song will go down a storm with those of you that are fans of street punk and oi. Without a doubt, Arch Rivals are one of the best of the new breed of bands playing this type of music. From Plymouth and featuring Mike Brands (vocals), Tom Murphy (lead guitar), Kev Jones (bass) and Tom Boutwood (drums), they've already released one killer album (2015's One More Round) and a couple of equally as impressive singles. They also released an acoustic version of one of their best songs in which they raised money for the Barth Syndrome Trust (

  I think it's fair to say that expections for their new album, A Constant State Of War, were always going to be high. The teaser track that you'll find below will only stoke those expectations. The album is out on Randale Records later this week and you can order it here : Alternatively, if you're at the Rebellion Festival this week, snap a copy up from the band (they play Thursday).

  You can get more info here :

  And now to the important bit, the song. Rather appropriately for a song which is about bullies getting their comeuppance, this is punchy as fuck. Pedal to the metal, there's no let up in intensity throughout and I can imagine a crowded room joining in on the OI! OI! OI! chants when they play it at Rebellion. This is Black And Blue...

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