Friday, 5 May 2017

Rotten Love - You Make Me Twitch


  Pretty much all of the updates recently have been new releases (a sign that 2017 is turning out to be a good year for punk music) but today I'm posting a song that's been out for a couple of years but which is an upbeat little number that deserves a place in any collection of great songs.

  Rotten Love are a "power punk" band from Sheffield who released (in Dec 2015) a self titled 8 track mini album which you can find name your price here : . The band features members who've also played in a number of other bands including Pudge, Death Job, Wank Sinatra, Setbacks & Aurochs.  

  A few months later 5 of the songs resurfaced on a 7" called Songs For Rotten Lovers which was released by Kids Of The Lughole and you can check that out here :

  From that record, here's a song that'll make you want to jump around. Snotty, high energy and fun, this is You Make Me Twitch.....


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