Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bomb Squadron - If Im Gonna Die


  Mid 90's street punk today from Reading, Pennsylvania. Forming in 1994, Bomb Squadron were a 5 piece which originally consisted of Ian (vocals), Ben Empty (bass), Andy Mehos (guitar), Chris (guitar) and Jarrod (drums) though tensions between Ian and Andy led to Fat Dave taking over on vocals. It wasn't long after this before they imploded after a series of drunken and violent shows, supposedly there were times when they couldn't even manage to complete any of the songs that they attempted, other times however, whilst slightly less under the influence, they were one of the best bands around.

  They broke up in 1998, according to Jarrod "Dave and I played a lot of shows, did a lot of travelling, we got sick of the band, some of the other members, some of their ideas, we just weren't happy with what we were doing."  Fat Dave and Jarrod went on to  play together in The Virus.

 Their discography (3 eps : Another Generation Lost, More Bad News and Smash Hits) were collected together and released by Doppelganger Records on the collection Another Generation Found 1994-1998.

Featuring original vocalist Ian, this was originally released on their debut ep and is possibly their best song. If I'm Gonna Die........

fuck you......
Gonna get some cider and I'm gonna drink it down
I'm gonna drink until I pass out on the ground
I wanna drink every night and every day
And I'll never join you fucking AA
If I'm gonna die
I won't do it sober X2
I'm gonna drink every day of my life
Its the only way I've got to deal with my strife
And I don't give a fuck about what you think
Just get out of my way cuz I wanna drink
If I'm gonna die .
I won't do it sober X2
Now I'm happy cuz I got my beer
Sitting at home and listening to FEAR
If you don't like to drink
Then tough shit for you
If it was up to me 
Thats all I'd ever do
If I've got to die
I won't do it sober X4


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