Friday, 25 July 2014

District - Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart

The original version of today's song, by Patrick Fitzgerald, is an early punk classic and has been covered on several occasions by the likes of Chumbawamba and Tim Armstrong to name but a couple. The version I'm posting is from a split album by Bad News and District which was released in 1998. District, comprising Burn Harper, Joey Mosy, Marc Ader and Pascal Briggs, were together between 1995-2005 before joining forces with members of The Revolvers and changing their name to 2nd District. From Bochum, Germany, they released several singles and eps as well as the aforementioned split album with Bad News and an album of their own, 2004's Don't Mess With The Hard Punx and a compilation (My Dad's A Punk). Their sound was good old fashioned '77 style punk rock, here's their cover of Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart.....

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