Thursday 29 February 2024

Dollhouse - Nobody's Favorite

(photo : martincrudo)

  New York band Dollhouse first featured on Just Some Punk Songs back in 2019 when I came across a very promising Demo and I mentioned anticipation was high for more music by them :

  More music followed a couple of years later in the form of an ep titled The First Day Of Spring which I claimed was even better than the Demo : 

  And now they've released another ep which happily continues that upward spiral. The ep's titled I Hate You Don't Leave Me and it boasts 4 new songs that are as equally as impressive as each other. The music still hits hard whilst the lyrics continue to be a large part of what attracts me to this band. It's available on vinyl from Toxic State Records : 

  You can also find the digital version on Dollhouse's Bandcamp page : 

  I'm going to play the title track on this week's show so for the blog I'll highlight a different one. Slightly ironically as I mentioned how much I like the band's lyrics, this song doesn't have much in the way of lyrical content but it's bloody good all the same. It's called Nobody's Favorite...

am I pretty? am I gorgeous im nobodys favorite just tell me that im worth it am I pretty? am I famous im nobodys favorite

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