Thursday 22 February 2024

NO SPOILER - When It´s Over


  How's this for a press release... "They blend masterfully 77 punk, power pop, glam, indie rock and much more. For fans of 999 , PROTEX, RUDI, THE WASPS, THE BUZZCOCKS, THE UNDERTONES, THE PLIMSOULS, CINECYDE, THE OUTCASTS and even such different bands like SLADE, GIUDA or HUSKER Du." 

  Well it made me want to listen...

  NO SPOILER ( are from Rome and I think they're new to me though to be honest, I listen to so much music it's equally likely that I've played them on the show years ago and forgotten about it (this seems to be a regular occurrence!). 

 [Edit. Just before posting this update I double checked and the band aren't new to me, I featured a song from them in 2019 :]. 

  Anyway, the press release was announcing the band's upcoming album Ghosting. It'll be out on March 15th and available on vinyl (white or black) and digital download via the ever reliable Take The City Records. You can check out 3 of the tracks from it here :

  All 3 are great so it doesn't really matter which one I highlight but I'm going with this catchy as fuck blending of 77 era punk and power pop. It's guaranteed to have you singing along and it's called When It's Over... 

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