Tuesday 28 February 2023

Benefits - Warhorse



  Benefits (https://www.facebook.com/benefitstheband), the issues based music collective from Middlesbrough return today with a very impressive new single. Thus far I think my favourite track by them would probably be their acerbic attack on nationalism, Flags (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2021/02/benefits-flag.html).

  It's a little early to be sure but I think this new one might be even better.

  Featuring a core line up of Kingsley Hall, Robbie Major & Hugh Major, they've changed their sound a little for this track. It's still the same well thought out, passionate stream of political vitriol but musically they go a little more up tempo thanks to additional drums provided by Jonny Snowball & Dale Frost. I was previously unsure if their uncompromising style would find the ear of the mainstream, this new single shows that the world is theirs... If they want it. 

  This is Warhorse...

Stop telling me to tighten my belt, there’s nothing left to tighten.
No squeeze. No honey pot. There’s nothing lying under the bed. And now you’re laughing, at me, as my sides are splitting, Red raw laughing, as my sides are splitting, you’re spitting. Those rusting fossils, sweating piglets, stinking broken relics, Comfy seats, dirty sheets and repeated bleats. You have the right to be disgusted, To shun this pageantry, Recognise your enemy, let them rot - the lot - let them fucking rot. This is WAR, HORSE There’s Albion’s spoilt children, aching for fame, yet again. They’re fucking on the cliffs of Dover, on that post war hangover And we bask in witless wonder. All this historic racist plunder. And we sit. And we sit. Roll over. Now sit. Entitled dribbling disasters, yet they’re not your fucking masters. You are not here for their entertainment, You are not here to make them money. Do not beg, do not bow, do not curtsey. Do not beg, do not bow, do not curtsey. as this means WAR, HORSE Stop telling me to tighten my belt Stop telling me to wash my mouth, out Stop telling me you’re telling the truth Stop telling me we’re in it together Stop telling me he did his best Stop telling me we’re levelling up Stop telling me to get over it Stop telling me! stop telling me! WARHORSE

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