Sunday, 13 December 2020

SYMPOS - On The Scratcher


  Today's song was kindly brought to my attention by Wayne Elliott (ex bass player with Doctor And The Crippens and now host of the Pulsebeat radio show It's the debut release by a band based in Waterford called SYMPOS ( and it's a damn fine mission statement. 

  The song is called On The Scratcher. It's a term that means on the dole or social welfare in their native Ireland and it reminds me somewhat if another great recent Irish debut release ( It's another couldn't give a fuck slacker anthem reflecting the frustrations of the youth of the Emerald Isle. Humour and attitude abound. You need to check it out, you'll be impressed. 

  On The Scratcher...

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  1. Thanks for the feature Mick. It's greatly appreciated!

    Just want to leave this link here should people want to listen to more tunes as our debut album launched today...

    Loving the blog!