Sunday, 22 November 2020

Frankie Traandruppel - No Longer There (Guest Review By Dirk Ceustermans)


  Dirk introduces us to another cool release from his native Belgium... 

Frankie Traandruppel - No longer There (No longer There/Sad Trip) (Ronny Rex, 6 Nov 2020)

  Frankie shure is a busy boy who has already dropped 3 7"s this year that kind of stretches your mind
and makes you scratch what's left of the fur on top of it.

  In his spare time he like to do real bands too known to some as Double Veterans (there is a Crackups link there) and Ero Guru, that I featured last year I believe? ( 

  Traandruppel translates as teardrop and there are some serious tearkjerkers in Frankie's output.
The man works in unpredictable ways and drowns his songs in a brown sauce of no-fi, to demystify the little pearls he records in his little chamber down in the dark caves of the citadel of this smalltown called Diest. A town that's about one point five inches to the right on my google maps from where I am.

  On this track, Frankie went bigtime and collected a bunch of bums to help recording this thrashy sleaze and he unleashes it onto us with spit and sparks that makes Mick Jagger sound like a crooner. The 2 minute sneer of no longer there is exactly what the man impersonates with his instant 60s punk classic in the sewers of smalltown Diest.

sticks & stones
they might break my bones
they tryna keep me stuck
while the way is up
the road out before us
is long and filled with dread
i'd move out to 'frisco
but it's too cold for me out there

such a strange sensation
this predicament i'm in
i feel just like allnut
when he lost his gin

i can hear you wonder, i can hear you think
i can hear you say
this poor soul, he's lost his goal
he's no longer in the game
wine & roses
love & fun
you got alotta nerve to tell me what i should be thinking of

you say it's all over
well i don't care, so
don't come crying when i'm no longer there

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