Friday, 6 September 2019

The USA (Undying Swan Act) - Face I Fake


  Hailing from Boston, Lincolnshire, art rock outfit The USA (or Undying Swan Act to give them their full name) have just released a new 7 track mini album. It's titled Waste Away and you can find it name your price on Bandcamp

  They formed in 2014 and since I featured them last year ( they've changed drummers with Nadine Marques having joined vocalist/bassist Jon Parkinson and guitarist Warwick Eede. Another recent addition to beef up their sound is lead guitarist, Rob Voicicovski.

  Their sound mixes up elements from various genres and is possibly best described as punk influenced alt rock, some of those influences include the likes of Mogwai, The Fall, Captain Beefheart, The Slits, Syd Barrett and Mercury Rev though they have their own unique sound. They make music for the love of it and are very much diy, they love playing live. If you want to learn more or check out gigs, go here :

  This is the opening track on the new record, it's basically about being categorised as cattle by lawmakers and it's a song that'll creep it's way into your consciouness. Am I right in saying I detect a slight Bauhaus vibe? It's called Face I Fake...

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