Friday, 20 September 2019

The Toy Dolls - Benny The Boxer

  Today, The Toy Dolls..... You'd have thought that a band that formed way back in 1979 in Sunderland would be slowing down a bit by now but I suppose when you've got a 40th anniversary to celebrate, what better way to do it than to head out on a massive European tour (taking in Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Poland, Holland and the UK). As well as taking their own unique brand of musical madness out on the road, there's also a new album, their first for 8 years, it's titled Episode XIII and it's available on cd from Secret Records

  The band lines up with Olga (Michael Algar) on vocals & guitar, Tommy Goober (Thomas Blyth from Goober Patrol) on bass and The Amazing Mr Duncan (Duncan Redmonds from Snuff, another excellent and long lasting UK band that've also just released a new album) on drums. You can get more info, including tour dates, here :

  Amongst the absurd-ditties on Episode XIII are tunes about smarmy French pianist Richard Clayderman (he ain't no Bobby Crush!), Arthur Clark (a dark horse who's supposedly had more birds than Errol Flynn) a woman with a rapidly expanding waistline who loves waffles and Steven (a guy who likes wearing his partner's clothes). You won't be surprised to learn it's fun, and it's very good.

  There's also a song about a thug who claims to have once beaten Henry Cooper (despite a lack of any evidence) but who nowadays just nuts bus conductors and slaps shop keepers. This is Benny The Boxer...

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