Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Crown Court - We Made You

  Crown Court are a band from London who are one of the best of the many new British acts that are springing up at the moment. They've only been together since November 2013 but have already released an impressive demo, Trouble From London (https://crowncourt.bandcamp.com/album/trouble-from-london-demo), and a 3 track 7" titled Ruck And Roll.

  Now they're back with another 3 track 7" which like the previous single is on Rebellion Records. It's called The English Disease and you can snap up a song from it here : https://crowncourt.bandcamp.com/album/the-english-disease.

  Taking their name from the song by On Parole (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6cj9CC5YFo), they're out to breath new life into the UK Oi/skinhead music scene. The members, Trev, Charlie, Nick and Tim also feature (or have featured) in a number of other bands including Arms Race, Love Triangle, Stomping Ground, Violent Reaction, DIE and Smear.

  From the new single, this is We Made You......

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