Thursday 20 August 2015

Sub Grunk - Manufactured Rebellion

  The best bit about updating this blog daily is that due to having to always be on the lookout for songs good enough to excite me enough to want to add them it means that I often come across great new bands that I might have otherwise missed out on. If those bands happen to be new, upcoming UK acts then that's a bonus. I'm not sure how long the band I'm bringing you today have been together for but looking at fresh faces in their photos it can't have been long. For guys this young, their debut ep is extremely promising indeed.

  Sub Grunk are a skate pop-punk trio from Sheffield and features Daniel Dakin (guitar/vocals), Aidan Bellamy (bass/vocals) and Tom Pountney (drums). They're fans of the likes of Propagandhi, Descendents, NOFX, Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy etc and their sound is catchy, classic old school sing along punk which ticks a lot of boxes as far as I'm concerned.

  In March of this year they released their debut ep, a 6 track affair called Manufactured Rebellion, and it's really rather good. You can check it out here : They're looking for gigs so if you're a promoter or can help them out, get in touch with them. Quality new punk rock deserves exposure.

  This is the title track from the ep, Manufactured Rebellion.....

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