Saturday, 15 August 2015

Pardon Us - Only Pain

'cause everything's fine
and nothing is wrong
there's nothing to see here
so move it along
and don't be concerned
if you hear me complain
it's nothing serious
it's only pain....  

 If any of you has a really good memory, you might remember that a little over a year ago I added a really good song by Liverpool 3 piece Down And Outs ( Now, Morgan Brown from that band is back with a new outfit called Pardon Us and they've just released their first video. I added one of their other songs to youtube a couple of weeks ago with the intention of using it here but I'll go with their video instead (the song I was going to use is here if you want to check it out :

  Aside from Morgan (guitar/vocals), Pardon Us also features Alex on bass and Gabby on drums. They announced themselves with a demo last summer (which features a version of the song posted below) and they've also released Time Gentleman Please & a cover of Naked Raygun's Home. They can be found here :

  "burly, diy pop punk played by wimps" if, like me, you like what you hear they're currently looking for gigs so if you can help give them a shout. This song's called Only Pain.....

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