Sunday 9 August 2015

The Orphans - The Government Stole My Germs CD

  The Orphans formed in West Chester, Philadelphia, in the mid 90's and featured Erik Petersen (vocals), Tom Johnsen (guitar), Drew Petersen (bass/vocals), Andrew Baxter (drums) and Joe D'Orazio (trumpet).

  At the time, high school student Erik Petersen, says he was angry at everything and that screaming in a punk band was a great way to relieve some of that anger. The band were very much a diy, anarchic outfit whose only merchandise was spray painted stencil patches. As far as releases go there was just some tapes and a 7" ep (1995's Anthems For Doomed Youth).

  By 2000 Petersen had moved onto form Mischief Brew but there's been occasional Orphans shows since then and in 2004 a compilation of remastered versions of Orphans material was released on Fistolo Records. You can check it out here :

  This is The Government Stole My Germs CD.......

The government wants to overthrow it's subjects
GOP has issued secret codes
CIA has put them on our stop signs
FBI is tapping in our phones
Billy Bob's the slick one
But we've seen his dishonest smile to the crowds
I praise the press, i surf the internet
Hope i'm not revealed as a coward
Got my gun i got my flag
Believe everything i've read in all the mags
So paranoid and ready to kill
Shootin' kids from my windowsill
Insane, Demented, Paranoid, Pissed
But i'm gonna have to deal with it
Cause reform is bloodshed
Reform is hate
Reform is fear
Reform because
The government stole my germs CD
I sell my peace by forcing hate
The violence on the TV screen
I believe segments of hard copy
No one else knows where i've been
I'm just a nazi with old glory
Turning it into a confederate shroud
I cause anarchy and comfort
I gotta make my buddies proud
Got my beer and civil war mind
Blast from the past with much more lies
Seen as criminals not as us
True pacifists don't suck
The government stole my germs CD

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