Friday 12 December 2014

Vexx - Falling Down

Photo by Scott Pembl

  A new band today who've been compared to The Zero Boys if they had Penelope Houston on vocals. They hail from Olympia, Washington and earlier this year they released their debut ep on M'lady's Records. They're called Vexx and they feature a line up of Maryjane Dunphe (vocals), Mike Liebman (guitar), Ian Corrigan (bass) and Corey Rose Evans (drums). Browsing through a few reviews of their ep I'm reading stuff like "in your face," "explosive"  and "incendiary" and I can't argue with those descriptions. You can check it out here : 

  There's also a new 7" due out on Katorga Works called Give And Take from which a preview track has been posted here :

The track I've chosen as song of the day is Falling Down, it's a banger........

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