Saturday 20 December 2014

Teenage Bubblegums - Lets Go To The Moon

  A band today that I've been listening to quite a lot recently, they come from Forli and they are  "an Italian power punk rock trio who all dress in black, playing fast, no stops, love songs only."
  Just like The Ramones, they're all siblings, Ally Bubblegum sings and plays bass, Billy Bubblegum sings and plays guitar whilst Mingu Bubblegum pounds the drums. 2012 saw the release of their debut album (released on Monster Zero), Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Pray For Tomorrow and this was followed up in Feb 2014 with a Valentines split ep (with Maladroit) which contained a couple more killer bubblegum punk love songs.
  Long time readers of this blog might remember me banging on about how great The Bat Bites album was earlier this year, Teenage Bubblegums aren't a million miles away in both style and quality. Please, if you love your punk to be upbeat and sunny, check 'em out.....
  Besides the album and ep, they've also had a couple of songs released on Groovie Ghoulies tribute albums. this is one of my favourite Ghoulies songs and they've done it proud. Let's Go To The Moon......

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