Monday 15 December 2014

The Spent Idols - Can't Help It

   Today's update came about after I saw a very impressive video that was made by Angelo Ruggiero promoting the forthcoming new album by The Spent Idols. I recalled that a while back Angelo had conducted a great interview with the band's frontman, Mike Spent, ( ) so I decided to ask him to write today's intro. Thanks Angelo :

San Diego's punk rock legends, the Spent Idols, celebrate their

anniversary in 2014. It's been 20 years since the band's formation.

To commemorate this event, a killer album is going to be released

on December 25, 2014. 

It's a decisive moment in history when Land Of The Lost CD comes 

out. The album is a Spentcity/Rawkunroll co-release, comprising

some original previously unissued studio tracks, and in the good 

tradition of Lousy Rock N Roll, mono lo-fi off cassette rehearsals

covers songs, recorded in the nineties until 2003.These forgotten 

songs, will prove you that the Spent Idols are for real. They are for

real, they are punk rock, and live in every one of us...

This is Can't Help It.....