Wednesday 11 June 2014

The Lost Riots - Last Night Was Fun

  Something slightly different for todays blog entry, instead of writing an intro to the song myself I asked Jeffrey Thunders, vocalist and guitarist with The Lost Riots if he'd like to contribute his own intro. He was kind enough to agree so here it is.....

"The Lost Riots hail from the shoreline of Connecticut in the city of New Haven.  What they do is familiar to most people but the way they do it is their own in their own right.  Four lads in sleeveless jean jackets with patches, buttons, and spikes, inspired by bands such as The Heartbreakers, The Replacements, The Damned, and The Dead Boys with their own style and flair to add to the more traditional punk rock sound.  Playing some of New York City’s biggest stages  ( Mercury Lounge, Hanks Saloon, Don Pedro’s) The Lost Riots are taking the northeast underground by storm and sharing those stages with the likes of The Virus, Union 13, Youth of Today, and CJ Ramone.  With a slew of records out and a blitz of shows it’s only a matter of time that these two time award winners (2013 and 2014 Connecticut music award winners for “Best Punk”) conquer the world.  With a new record about to come out - released by Connecticut label Obscure Me Records – The Lost Riots are setting their sights high. Recorded by Paul Kostabi ( Psychotica, White Zombie, Youth Gone Mad) the riots titled the record “Shorter, Faster, Louder”. They also have a blistering single off the new record called “Last night was fun”. Check out the video and look into one of New England’s best punk bands. The Lost Riots prove that punk is not dead. It’s alive and well and those roots lay about ten feet from train tracks that lead to New York City in the practice space that this band calls home and masters their craft. They are raw, they are rock and roll, they know their roots. They are punk!"

I'd just like to add that they've made their 2013 album Crown Street Stories available free here :

The song I'm posting is called Last Night Was Fun, have a listen and you'll discover why they've been voted best punk band 2 years running.......

Last Night Was Fun (Official Music Video) from #NHV Music Scene on Vimeo.

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