Tuesday 24 June 2014

Suspect Parts - Change Your Mind

  Featuring members that have also at one time or another been involved with a smorgasbord of great bands (The Briefs, Thee Spivs, Clorox Girls, Red Dons and LA Drugz just to name a few), Suspect Parts produce music that's sweet enough to rot your teeth. Combining the harmonies of the best 60's pop bands and adding a little of the edge of bands like The Ramones and The Buzzcocks, they take a classic retro sound and give it a modern day sheen. So far they've released 4 singles (and a cassette which collects the singles together) and garnered a raft of great reviews. My pick of their singles, this is Change Your Mind......

1 comment:

  1. How in the world did I not already know about this band? Simply amazing! (And that's hardly shocking given some of the individuals involved!)