Wednesday 18 June 2014

Holograms - one time only

As far as offers you can't refuse go, the chance to get to biblically know someone in the back of their go-kart is up there with the best of them. To be fair, I probably would thank The Dwarves' Blag Dahlia and then respectfully decline his offer, on the other hand if it was L.A.'s The Holograms doing the asking as they are in this version of one of my all time favourite songs then the temptation to rev it up would be high.....  Cutesy pop punk girlband The Holograms have been described as being like "Josie & The Pussycats getting harrassed by G.G. Allin at a really cool slumber party while loaded on donuts, diet pills and cheap champagne." Upbeat happy sounding tunes abound but with song titles like Scene Whore and Your Ex Is Turning Tricks Again you can tell these ladies have got bite. Their album, Night Of A 100 Ex-Boyfriends was produced By Blag Dahlia himself, this is the type of up tempo pop music that it's ok to enjoy. Oh and that promise of go-kart fornication, it's a one time only offer..........

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