Saturday, 20 January 2018

Cinderblock - No Means No


  When I broadcast the Just Some Punk Songs show, there's always a few people in the chatroom who aren't big fans of oi music. Their main complaint seems to be that all the songs are about the same thing (boots, braces, fighting, revenge, brothers in arms, whatever....). Whilst agreeing that they may have a point, it doesn't stop me playing this genre of music as there's plenty of great music out there but it's always good when bands write about something different (and plenty do). One song I played recently that went down well, even with those who might usually turn their nose up at such fare, is the one I'm featuring today.

  I first posted Cinderblock 2 years ago and wrote that I knew very little about them other than that they were from Boston, Massachusetts and feature a couple  of members from Who Killed Spikey Jacket? Fast forward 2 years and I still don't know much about them (damn the punk bands that don't do Facebook!) but I do know that early last year they followed up their 2015 No Future demo and their Unreleased Covers ep with an absolutely stomping S/T debut album. If you missed it, stop reading and download it (name your price) now.... 

  Just to prove that the album was no fluke, they returned last September with a 7" ep titled The Executioner. Released on the aptly named Loud Punk Records it was another 4 tracks of hard hitting oi influenced punk that will appeal to a wider audience than the boots and braces crowd.

  Proof that oi music can be hard hitting as fuck whilst still being catchy as hell (and feature lyrics about more topical themes!), this is No Means Know. By Christ it's good....


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