Friday, 15 December 2017

TOUTS - Bombscare (Reviewed By Alex Kish)

  This week's guest review is courtesy of Alex Kish who presents a radio show (playing many of the songs you'll come across in this blog) on Wassup Rocker Radio. Here's their Facebook page and a Mixcloud link to saved versions of the shows if you want to check them out....

  Alex is reviewing a song by highly rated Irish 3 piece punk band TOUTS.


TOUTS hail from Derry, Ireland, the same town as punk rock legends The Undertones. TOUTS are one of the freshest sounding bands I've heard all year.

Their sound is very similar to the 70's punk that I love. Some comparisons I've made are The Clash and Dead Kennedys. I look forward to future releases from the band and so far have loved all their songs. Bomb Scare is one that stuck out with to me because of its breakneck speed and intensity! Other personal favorites are Political People, Saturday Night Scumbag and Sold Out.

  This is Bomb Scare....

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