Saturday, 23 December 2017

The Defects - Brotherhood Of Death

(photo by Rodney Snr Pennie)

  The Defects are the Belfast punk veterans who formed way back in 1978, released the Defective Breakdown album and a handful of singles before going their seperate ways. As with many of their contemporaries they reformed many years later and are still releasing great music today (an example being this song I featured a couple of years ago....

  Now lining up with original members Buck Murdoch (vocals) and Glenn Kingsmore (drums) plus newish recruits Roy McAllister (guitar) and Aidy  Dunlop (bass) they've once again poked their heads above parapet and released new album Feed The Good Dog. You can get the cd from Punkerama Records.... .

  They've a number of gigs scheduled for the new year including The Rebellion Festival. Get details here :          

  From the album, this is an a song about war, death and business. In the current political climate we need bands like The Defects more than ever to hold up a mirror to society. It's called Brotherhood Of Death.....

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