Sunday, 26 November 2017

Damn Broads - Car Bar


  Damn Broads are 3 piece all female punk band from Torrington, Connecticut, who formed in 2010 after meeting through an ad posted on Craigslist. Combining elements of street punk, oi, hardcore and ska, they've been compared to bands like The Pist, Black Flag and Minor Threat. Their line up features Michelle Threat (bass/vocals), Crazines (guitar/vocals) and Taytoxic (drums/vocals).

  Following a couple of demos (The Damn Demo & Politics And Lady Parts), they released their debut album, Loud, Fast And In The Dark in 2012. A couple of years later they returned with Guilty As Charged. Sandwiched in between these albums was a split with The Minor Cuts.

  The song I'm posting today is taken from their new album, Looks Do Kill. You can find details and check out a few tracks here :

  Kicking off with a jingle for Pabst Blue Ribbon before swiftly bursting into a hard hitting celebration of their favourite vehicular watering hole. With punchy overlapping vocals that remind me a little in style of Good Clean Fun (not that those straight edgers would ever extol the virtues of alcohol), this is a great intro to the album. It's called Car Bar....

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