Friday, 20 October 2017

Rude Pride - Once Again (Reviewed By Stuart Marsden of Wolf Bites Boy)

  After around 1400 songs chosen and introduced by myself I decided you might enjoy someone different having a go so I'm going to try and feature a weekly update that gives a blog regular the chance to review a current favourite. As I know from past experience with asking for the Top 10 lists (and even already with these guest reviews), people often seem keen to do them but then forget or change their minds so it's possibly it might not work out at once a week but I'll try.

  Anyway, the first guest reviewer is Wolf Bites Boy vocalist Stuart Marsden. You've no doubt seen them posted on here several times but just in case, you can check them out here :

  Stuart's chosen a song from the new album, Take It As It Comes, by Madrid band Rude Pride ( so I'll hand over to him.....

So the wait is over and one of my favourite bands have just released a new album and it’s an absolute monster!!! One track that stands out for me is “Once Again” it starts with this brilliant fast paced riff that immediately grabs your attention, melody has always been a factor for me in liking a track and this one is packed to the rafters with melody and a catchy hook. But what makes this track stand out to me is how they break it down at the end with the raspy vocal from Miguel and the catchy as ever bass lines builds this track up to a rousing crescendo. All in all this is just one track out of 12 on the latest album “Take it as it comes” which I can’t get enough of at the minute, other stand out tracks for me include Bars & Shackles, Disorder and the fantastic reggae track Many People Suffer, I’m so glad these guys have been asked to play Rebellion festival again next year, Skinhead till I die!!! Cheers Mick for giving me the opportunity to shout about a great new track!!

  This is Once Again.....

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