Monday, 16 October 2017

Bad Daddies - Not That Kind Of Girlfriend

  Loving this, it's one of  those scuzzed up pop songs that would be a hit in a more just world. It's by East Bay female fronted indie punkers Bad Daddies and is  taken from their Over 30 Singles compilation album which came out digitally this month on Emotional Response Records : . The physical version of the album is out mid November and can be ordered here :

  The band lines up with Camylle (vocals), Matt (guitar), Tricia (bass) and Thomas (drums). Most of their songs are short, sharp sonic blasts meaning that they can squeeze 30 tracks taken from their 6 years as a band onto the album. Earlier releases from them are here :

  There's also a new Bad Daddies track on the Evaluate What You Tolerate compilation Vol 2 album :

  From Over 30 Singles, this song is great, it's an infectiously catchy fuzzbomb that'll get you bouncing off the walls of your room. It's called Not That Kind Of Girlfriend....

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