Monday, 10 October 2016

Takers & Users - The Neurotics Were Right

"Kick Out The Tories"

  Takers & Users are a great, newish (est. 2014) band from Belfast who play "sing along" streetpunk. In June of this year they released their debut album, Backbars And Alleyways, on Randale Records. It's the type of  record that hasn't had all the edge smoothed out for mass consumption and sounds all the better for it. It's definitely an album that will still fondly be played in years to come and will still sound as exciting and vital as it does today. Their only previous release was last years Bootboys ep which featured 4 songs from the album. Amongst the new material on the full length is a cover of Runnin' Riot's Judge, Jury, Executioner.

  You can check it out here :

  A scathing political treatise, this is The Neurotics Were Right......

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