Saturday, 1 October 2016

Atterkop - Picket Fence


  I don't post as much ska infused punk on this blog as I should do, certainly not as much as I would have done back at the turn of the Millennium when there were a multitude of great bands threatening to break through playing this type of music, This side of the pond the likes of Capdown,  King Prawn and Five Knuckle were wowing audiences with some raucous shows and classic releases whilst over in the U.S. Choking Victim were morphing into Leftover Crack and great bands like Suicide Machines, Against All Authority and numerous others were blending genres to great effect.

  There doesn't seem (to the casual observer) to be as much of an interest in ska punk nowadays but one label who are doing a sterling job in keeping the scene in rude health are Bristol independent outlet Riotska Records (

  The latest release on Riotska is the debut album by Bristol band Atterkop. The album's called Liber Abaci and you can sample it's delights here :

  The album's been 3 years in the making, during which time the band have been building a reputation as a hard working, politically astute outfit with a strong diy ethos. They recently released a video for the song Picket Fences. Enjoy.......

A cold winters day provides a fertile ground 
amongst the grey lack of colour that surrounds 
there is a storm brewing in the stomach of the south 
they are active, they are active – its time to rat them out 
We have the shovel and power to dig their grave 
for this has not gone unnoticed, not ever, not today 
how foolish? intimidation techniques
wont work, haven’t worked, we wont admit defeat. 

The fascist threat wont gain an inch Your days are numbered, We will defeat youAnti-fascist through and through

Frustration and disgust as I bleed as I itch 
the cranial pressure accelerates inch by inch 
as moments passed has time slipped away? 
This energy will be stored deep inside of me
We have the shovel and power to dig their grave 
Frustration and disgust as I bleed as I itch 
the mental pressure accelerates inch by inch


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