Friday, 12 August 2016

Towerblocks - General Boredom


  Tower Blocks are (were?) a street punk/oi band from Berlin who formed in 2000. I've no idea if they're still a going concern, their last update on Facebook was a couple of years ago and it was 2010 when they released their last album, Berlin Habits. Shortly after this frontman Holgi left the band and joined up with former guitarist Schneider in a band called The Suburbs. I'm sure some of you know if they've split up so maybe someone could make a comment.

  For today's update I'm posting a song from their 2002 debut album, Praise Your Ghetto (it also appeared on a split ep with Runnin' Riot the same year), which came out on Knock Out Records.

   So not much info today but a decent song, this is General Boredom.....

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