Sunday, 14 February 2016

The King Blues - Off with their heads


  Music is often at it's best and is most exciting when there's something to get angry about. With the way things are heading, both home and abroad, I'm guessing there'll be an upsurge in quality, pissed off records. Today's song is definitely in that category.

  The King Blues combine punk and poetry (and a fair number of other genres) and have recently returned sounding reinvigorated and if the quarter of a million views of their new video (in just 24 hours) are anything to go by, they're more popular then ever. All this despite a Facebook ban on them advertising it due to "threatening language."

  From London, they were a band that I got into fairly early, I bought the first 2 albums, Under The Fog & Save The World, Get The Girl and whilst I enjoyed the next 2 (Punk & Poetry, Long Live The Struggle) they didn't resonate quite as strongly with me. They suffered from an acrimonious break up and that appeared to be that.

  But at a time when their political missives are needed more that ever, they're back with a broadside at those pig fucking Bullingdon Boys that scores a direct hit. Currently a 3 piece featuring Itch, Jamie Jazz and Fruitbag, they're taking their anger and using it to create something special.

  From the new 7 track record (which you can check out here : this is Off With Their Heads......

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