Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Riots - One Seven Wonders

 "The Riots are one of the most exciting Mod bands I have heard in years" - Pete Mitchell (Absolute Radio)

"These modern boys are the spirit of a 17 year old Paul Weller unleashed on the streets of Moscow" - Stephen Hughes (The Mod Generation)

"The Riots hands down are THE best mod/pop rock band on the planet right now (and believe me, I listen to them ALL!). Style, soul, agression, amazing guitar work and the key element that seperates these guys from the pack...songwriting skills that stand up to anything Weller and Marriott churned out in their prime" - Warren Peace (DJ/host of the "We Are The Mods" Radio Show)

"The Libertines meets the Jam with powerful distorted guitars" - Matchbox Radio 24

"Passion and attitude. The Riots have them both in abundance. I've been listening to their music a lot recently and it warms my heart! The promise of a better future is out there....onwards and upwards!" - Terry Shaughnessy of The Universal...........

 High praise indeed and to be honest I haven't heard enough by the band yet to comment on how deserving that praise is but I will say that the song posted below is a damn fine one.

  The Riots are from Prem, Russia and have been together since 2009. Featuring Sasha Bolotov (vocals, guitar), Alex Sharin (vocals, drums) and Kirill Usachev (vocals, bass), they share a love of mod, new wave and power pop which they aim to promote throughout their native country and abroad. They previously tasted success under the name The White Trainers Community (you can check a song out from them here :,
but that incarnation imploded due to "logistical pressures."  Luckily they weren't to be deterred and inspired by time spent in London they were soon back stronger than ever.

  So far they've released a handful of singles (Dance On Your Problems... Out Of Control... Truncheons, Shields And Size 10 Boots...One Seven Wonders... Take No Prisoners) as well as an album, Time For Truth which received rave reviews and quickly sold out.

  With new material on the horizon, now is an ideal time to check these guys out ( )  This is the title track of the single that came out in 2013 on Time For Action Records, One Seven Wonders.....

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