Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Epileptix - self hate

  Yesterday's update featured a song that was an example of good old fashioned sing along pop punk, today's is anything but. From Detroit band The Epileptix, it's an obnoxious,  incomprehensible aural assault on the senses that is still manages to be as catchy as hell.

  Featuring Timmy Vulgar (Clone Defects, Human Eye, Timmy's Organism) on vocals , Nai Sammon aka Jack Shit  (The Piranhas) on guitar, Rob Low on bass and Tyler on drums they were short lived but fondly remembered.

  Active in the latter part of the 90's, they released the Kill Yourself cassette, the Self Hate ep (from which today's song is taken), the EP ep and the Punk Fuckin Rock Split 7" (with The Druggies). Their last release was the Greatest Fits album which came out in 1999 on Tom Perkins Records.

  If you like your punk music a little on the wild side, this is for you. Self Hate.....


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