Friday, 8 May 2015

No Ditching - Dickhead


  On the day that Britain is facing the prospect of 5 more years under Conservative rule, I think a really good update is called for in order to alleviate the doom and gloom. Today's song is going to be one of 2015's best.

  No Ditching are big favourites around these parts, their demo was a highlight of 2013 and was previously featured here :

  The band were then kind enough to select a top 10 :

  Now, after what feels like a very long wait, they're about to release a follow up to the wonderful Face Ache ep. From Durham, the all female 5 piece (Laura, Naomi, Elle, Kate and Freya) have a new 7", titled Inseparable, on Art For The Blind Records that can be pre ordered here :

  If the other two tracks are as good as this one then we've got a classic on our hands. This is Dickhead.....

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