Monday, 18 May 2015

Last Sons Of Krypton - Atom Bomb


   Today's song is a mid 90's slab of trashy, obnoxious brilliance that's "heading straight for you".....

  I'm only guessing here but I assume that Last Sons Of Krypton got their name from a novel by Elliot S. Maggin called Superman : Last Son Of Krypton which was published in 1978. What I do know is that the band were from Manitowoc, Wisconsin and that they were aged between 16-18 when they got together in 1995. The line up on today's song was Robert J Zeman (RJ) (vocals), Brad X (guitar/vocals), Ann (bass) and Trent Machut (drums).

  Influenced by bands like The Stooges, The Germs and by early Rip Off Records releases, they played a raw, primitive garage style of punk which was good enough to see them make the cover of MaximumRockNRoll.  RJ quit the band shortly after moving to Florida and despite Joe Lambert coming in on vocals they didn't last much longer.

  Fast forward to 2015 and they're back together again, 15th April saw them play their first gig in 18 years and a compilation album of their music called Teenage Trash has recently been released (you can check it out here :

  Not sure why but one song that doesn't feature on that album is Atom Bomb. A lo fi diy blast of pure teenage exuberance, you can hear it below......


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