Saturday, 9 May 2015

Disco Lepers - Taser Date

  One of my favourite albums of 2014 was Blame You by The Gaggers so it was a big disappointment when they announced they were splitting. It could have been worse, the various members of the band were active in a number of other projects (Miscalculations, Stalin Video etc) so at least we still had the prospect of great music to come from them. Plus they'd promised a farewell single which has just surfaced in the form of the Bad Taste 7". One band however that I wasn't expecting more material from was Disco Lepers, it had been 4 years since their Club Sarcoma 18-30 album and so the news that they were gearing up to unleash another volley of snotty punk obnoxiousness was rather exciting.

  I'm glad to report that from what I've heard so far, the London rockers have produced their best work yet. First up is a 3 track ep, out on No Front Teeth Records and titled Open Sores and once that's drawn you in there's going to be a new album called Sophisticated Shame. You can get more details on bandcamp...

  This is the teaser for the album, if the rest of it's this good we've a serious contender for the best record of 2015. It's called Taser Date.....


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