Saturday, 16 May 2015

Boys Club - This Is My Face

  A timeless song today that came out in 2006 on Three Dimensional Records but sounds as though it could have been recorded pretty much any time during the last 40 years. It's by Minneapolis power pop trio Boys Club and it's the title track from their debut single (which can be checked out here : 300 copies of the single were originally pressed and quickly sold out so a further 200 were repressed with a Japanese sleeve and they were snapped up too.

  The band released a couple more singles, Girls Of Today/2-D World and the 2009 self titled album which are well worth tracking down. (The album's here : ).

  Slightly snottier and rougher around the edges than most power pop (which in my book is a good thing), This Is My Face is still catchy as hell, check it out......


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