Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Archie and The Pukes - I Got Worms

"It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but worms really can enter the digestive system and live there like parasites, feeding off the body.  Intestinal worms, round worms, tapeworms and toxacara worms can all cause a loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness, a painful or even distended tummy, fever, coughing, and in the case of the most common worm, the threadworm, an uncomfortable itch at night around the anus and/or the vulva. Once the worms have entered the body they start to lay eggs. The eggs hatch and the worms themselves work their way into the intestine, where more eggs are laid. Threadworms live for about six weeks. In rare cases, the worms can then move round the body and enter other organs such as the lungs or even the brain, in which case the condition is much more serious......" 


  I really hope that most of you haven't heard today's song before because if that's the case then you're in for a treat.

  Archie And The Pukes are everything a good punk band should be, fast, loud, raw, obnoxious and snotty as fuck. Some punk bands write about social or political issues, these guys however were more likely to bemoan the fact that they had worms in their ass! When your singer's called Mike Puke, it's probably an indication that you aren't going to be the most serious or pc band around.

  The trio were from Cincinnati and also featured Jeff on bass and Aaron on drums, As far as I'm aware they only released the one record, a 7" ep titled Straight Edge People Suck, which came out in 1995 on Centsless Productions and was "recorded on Andy's recorder, using Andy's equipment, in Andy's basement, under the influence of Andy's beer."

  Compared to the likes of The Germs, The Lewd and The Pagans, this is really awesome stuff and it's a shame their light burned out so soon.

  You can find this song on a new album called Destroy All Art which has recently been put together by Rock And Roll Parasite Records and it features "17 under-the-radar punk hits from the 90's."  There'll be more from this great album featured soon and if you want to check it out head over to Sorry State Records for more details :  

  This is I Got Worms.......


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