Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Low Life - Dream Machine

   “Why can’t I be like that?/Such grace, such poise, such pop-expertise/Amazonian queen

Today I'm posting a song that I originally tried out on a Facebook group and was told by a couple of people that they didn't like it. Sorry guys, you're wrong, it's a great song and it comes from a bloody good album. People who read this blog will (hopefully) think I've a decent taste in music but would say my reviewing skills aren't the best, I've no musical ability whatsoever and whilst I know what I like I'd be hard pressed to write exactly why I like it. Fumbling round for words to describe this song, I'd say it was more restrained than most songs on here, it's got more room to breath and there's more space, as opposed to the majority of entries which bang along with everything filled in. It's a record that you can kick back on the sofa to and close your eyes and lose yourself in it.
  The band are called Low Life, they're from Sydney, an introductory cassette was followed in 2011 by a debut 7" entitled Sydney Darbs. The debut album, Dogging, was due out in 2012 but didn't see the light of day till earlier this year. Described as "biting, dark and often self-flagellating" I'd say it's a record that definitely rewards repeat plays, spare it some of your time. It contains songs about football hooligans, Friends (the tv show) and there's a cover of Gary Numan's M.E, there's also this homage to Rihanna which is called Dream Machine.......

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