Sunday, 15 June 2014

Showcase Showdown - Police, Police

Fuck Authority.......There's been a long list of anti police punk rock songs, many of them have been very good indeed and a few have already appeared in this blog. Here's another..... Showcase showdown were a Boston band who were active from 1993-2000. They put out a couple of albums, Appetite Of Kings (1996) and Permanent Stains (1999) as well as several cassettes and singles. Describing themselves as "a super fast pogo punk band" they featured Albert Genna (vocals), Tom Cloherty (guitar), Victoria Arthur (bass) and Steve Maxwell (drums) (Arthur and Cloherty later formed The Spitzz). Click the link below, crank up the volume and pogo round your room to todays song, this is a song that was later covered by Social Circkle, this is Police, Police.....

Well, take us back to another day,
(When) they'd give you a helping-hand,
And then get out of your way,
When they were dressed in long blue coats,
And their pockets were stuffed full of crispy notes.
POLICE POLICE, bring back the friendly police!
They'll take you downtown is what they say,
They hide their badges each and every way,
When the clock says two am,
You'd better stay away from them.
POLICE POLICE, bring back the friendly police!
They don't leave their cars to patrol on foot,
Better hope they never give you a second look,
They'll run you down or they'll shoot you dead,
Cuz there's nothing running in their heads.
POLICE POLICE, bring back the friendly police!

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