Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lurkers - Love Story

One of the original punk bands on the blog today. The Lurkers formed in Uxbridge, London in 1976 and were one of the most popular acts around (both live and on record) without ever quite reaching the heights of The Pistols or The Clash. Despite a string of killer 45's and a couple of popular albums their label, Beggars Banquet, started to lose interest in the fading punk scene and the band split in 1980 due largely to musical differences. They returned for a spell between 82-84 but it was only when bassist Arturo Bassick was inspired (and financed) by German punk band Die Toten Hosen into giving it another go that they made their comeback proper. With Arturo the only remaining original member they've been around ever since. Original members Pete Stride, Nigel Moore and Esso have reunited in GLM (God's Lonely Men) and released an album called Chemical Landslide, they're also hoping to record a new album soon. One of my favourite Lurkers song was the b side to their classic Shadow single, this is Love Story.......

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