Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fatal Microbes - Beautiful Pictures

One of my favourite things about this blog is that there's been quite a few inventive and awesomely wonderful  and quirky female fronted post punk tunes from various points down the years. I think it's time we had another. Far from the most prolific of bands, they only released 3 songs that I'm aware of, Fatal Microbes formed in 1978, and consisted of 4 teenagers ( Holly Bane (vocals),  Pete Fender (guitar), Gen Stone (drums) and It (bass). Future members included Sid Attion (drums) and Scott Barker (bass). Stone and Fender's mother was Vi Subversa of The Poison Girls and it was with that band that they released a split ep, entitled Violence Grows, in 1979 on Small Wonder. It was popular enough for the Fatal Microbes tracks to be released on their own single (with a bonus track). They managed a few gigs but didn't last long before splitting up. Bane went solo, Attion played with Rubella Ballet and also featured on Flux Of Pink Indians' classic Neu Smell ep, Stone also joined Rubella Ballet, as did Fender. From "that side" of the single, this is Beautiful Pictures......

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