Sunday, 29 July 2018

Felons - Breakdown


  First up, a quick word about the Mixcloud version of the Just Some Punk Songs show. I was uploading them on Sundays after Hong Kong station Radio Lantau had broadcast the shows but the show has been picked up by Canadian station Radio Woody and US internet station Podunk Radio so it'll be getting uploaded now on Mondays. On the plus side, I can play lots of lesser well known UK bands and get them a bit more overseas exposure. One of those bands will feature on tonight's show (8pm UK time on Global Punk Radio :

  I was listening to another Global Punk Radio show last week (NOT The Punk Rock Show) when host Jamie Bey played a song that wowed pretty much all the listeners in the chatroom. It was a no brainer that I'd be featuring it on the blog (as well as playing a different song from their ep on my show). The band was Felons, they're a punk band from Essex (Southend On Sea) and supposedly a bloke on the internet once called them a Black Flag rip off!

  The line up of the band is Jay (vocals), Josh (guitar), Lew (bass) and Pike (drums). Their debut ep is titled Creeps and it came out last month. It's available either on cd or as a name your price download : and it's really rather good. 5 short and fast hardcore punk bangers.

  You can get more info on Felons here :

  If you're a fan of new punk music (and if you aren't, why are you reading the bollox I write every day) then make sure you check out tonight's show. An hour of new releases with me pretending to be a radio host. Get yourselves in the chatroom and comment on what's being played, tell me what you like and what you don't and tell me what I should be playing.

  This is Breakdown...

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