Thursday, 26 July 2018

Consumed - Obscene Like Beverley Dean


  From Nottingham, Consumed started up in the mid 90's and first came to my attention on those Fat Wreck compilations that acted as a primer for those of us getting into the latest round of US punk in the early days of the internet. Consumed, along with fellow countrymen Snuff and Goober Patrol had caught Fat Mike's ear from this side of the Atlantic. Fat Wreck released the Breakfast At Pappa's ep and the highly regarded Hit For Six album before Consumed spent time on Golf Records and BYO Records and then called it a day in 2003.

  Reforming in 2015 they've just got round to releasing a new ep, A Decade Of No, and it's really rather wonderful. It's available from SBAM Records (Europe) and Umlaut Records (UK). Produced by Andy Sneap (a long time friend who's also played guitar for several metal bands, most recently Judas Priest), the ep both sounds great and has great songs.

  The current line up of the band features Steve Ford (vocals/guitar), Chris Billam (drums), Wes Wasley (bass/vocals) and Will Burchell (guitar). You can get more info here :

  From the ep, I'm going to highlight the song I played on this week's show. Chunky riffs and an infectious (presumably) autobiographical look back to days of youth asking whatever happened to the council estate beauty queen ("the most horrible I've ever seen"). Time away certainly hasn't diminished these guys. This is Obscene Like Beverley Dean...

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