Monday, 8 January 2018

Drunk Mums - Hot Flush


  "CATCHY ASS HARD ROCKING PUNK" today from Melbourne garage rockers Drunk Mums. Infuenced as much by Aussie rock music as they are by classic era punk, Drunk Mums are causing a bit of a stir down under so it's a good time to feature them on here.

  A 4 piece, their line up features Jake Doyle (guitar/vocals), Dean Whitby (guitar/vocals), Jonny Badlove (drums/vocals) and Adam Ritchie (bass/vocals). You can check out their 2 albums and 3 eps over on Bandcamp :

  The latest of those eps is out now on Pissfart Records and it's titled Denim. It boasts 4 tracks which I've seen called their best stuff yet and it's available on ltd edition vinyl (the first 100 copies are in acid green)    :

  This is the lead track from Denim, Hot Flush.... 


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