Friday, 3 March 2017

Weeks - Get Away


  A couple of weeks (no pun intended!) ago on the Just Some Punk Songs show I played a track from the debut single by Weeks (saved version of the show here : and it received a lot of love from the chatroom crowd. I think it's about time they were on here, so without further ado.....

  Weeks are from Ryde on The Isle Of Wight and are a 4 piece featuring Liam Hodge (guitar/vocals), Nij Lynk (lead guitar/vocals), Sid Ryan (bass - he's also a member of fellow Ryde band Grade 2) and Marc Maitland (drums). They're a band that have drawn comparisons with the likes of The Jam and The Chords, they're unmistakably English and they know how to write a good tune.

  The vinyl version of their debut single, Get Away, is out "early 2017" on Contra Records and Time For Action but if you're looking for the digital version it's already available here :

  The lead track is about wanting to escape the streets you grew up on and move on from the degradation that drags you down. Nearly 40 years ago Stiff Little Fingers sang about not being able to stand routine for another day, now Weeks also want to breakout and go where the lights are blinding. This is Get Away.....

These streets that gave me life Stole my heart and stifled ambition It’s a twisted love affair Always arrive in the same position In a town that times forgotten Field of dreams just bricks and mortar now Still got time for a one night stand But closing signs dampen the attraction This place will drag me down Degradation eats at our town Out come the high and the mighty self-obsessed parade on the high street It drags me down fallen in with the wrong crowd You can stick it where the sun don’t shine Kicking down the doors I’ll get away this time Reputations allegations Same faces try to make the papers Strained relations proclamations Idle talk heightens situations, Fuck it all
Wanna go where the lights are blinding Wanna go where you can’t remind me

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