Saturday, 25 March 2017

Haircut - No


  A song today that I heard recently on Paul Jones' excellent Global Punk Network show (the saved show is here :

  Haircut are a female fronted hardcore punk band from Charlottesville, Virginia who's line up features Juliana (vocals), Daniel B (guitar), Ben (bass) and Daniel R (drums). A couple of them previously played in Animal Planet.

  They got together in late 2015 but took a few months to get a solid line up sorted out. Influenced by the likes of X, Fang and Black Flag, they released a demo cassette called Criatura which is available either on Neck Chop Records ( or digitally here :

   If you're a fan of bands like Downtown Boys then you should probably check Haircut out. This is a song about consent, it's called No.....

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