Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Judy And The Jerks - Sweet Treat (For Me)


  So far this week you've had the off kilter sounds of Booji Boys and Janitor Scum and as the Bandcamp tags for today's band include "sick" "slam" "weirdo" and "whacked out" you can probably guess that I've decided to run with the theme for at least one day more.

  Judy And The Jerks are a band from Hattiesburg, Mississippi whom I know pretty much zilch about. As they've just released a debut demo they're obviously a new band, the solitary line of information on Sorry State's page for the cassette release of the demo informs me that they feature members of Big Bleach and more!

  A review over on Boston Hassle raves over the cassette and says they play "sugar-coated garage-punk at whiplash speeds." My review (if I was any good at writing reviews) would say it's an infectiously frantic female fronted blast of scuzzy garage goodness with the lead track being a shout out to all those things such as milkshakes, french fries, ice cream and big cakes that possibly don't feature in a healthy diet but who gives a fuck, they're oh so bloody tasty. You can indulge yourself "name your price" here :

  This is Sweet Treat (For Me), be careful it doesn't rot your teeth.....

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