Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tear them Down - Take a Walk in My Shoes


  Tear Them Down are from Goteborg in Sweden and list amongst their influences the likes of The Briggs, Voice Of A Generation, Bombshell Rocks, U.S. Bombs, Teenage Bottlerocket, Rancid etc.....

  They formed in 2010 and feature Vic (guitar/vocals), Gorb (guitar/vocals), Jonte (bass/vocals) and Maaran (drums).

  Their debut ep, This Is A Mutinty, came out in 2011 and debut album, Their Fault, Our Problem followed in 2014. The ep, Ett Liv I Harlighet (on which they sung in their native tongue) was released last year and their new ep, Abide is out now. You can check them out here : 

  You can get more info on their site :

  If high energy street punk is your cup of tea, you won't find many better eps released this year (all 5 songs are great). This is the lead track, Take A Walk In My Shoes......


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